Dental bridges in mumbai


What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a prosthodontic technique used to close or fill the gap left by a fallen tooth or multiple missing teeth. These are permanent appliances that mimic the look, shape, and function of your natural teeth.

What does a dental bridge look like?

A dental bridge consists of-

Abutment teeth: A dental bridge comprises two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap. These anchoring teeth or supporting teeth are called abutment teeth. They can be your natural teeth or other dental implants.

Pontics: Pontics are the false teeth that fill in the gaps and attach to the crowns. They can be made up of gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of these materials.

What are the different types of dental bridges?


This is the most prevalent type of bridge, consisting of one or more false teeth positioned in place by dental crowns that have been cemented onto each of the abutment teeth.


This is similar to a traditional bridge, but the pontic connects to only one abutment tooth. Cantilevers are used by patients who have teeth only on one side of the gap.


Maryland or resin-bonded bridge consists of a metallic or porcelain framework that is bonded onto the backs of abutment teeth.


As suggested by the name, Implant-supported bridges use dental implants instead of teeth or frameworks. Implant-supported bridges are considered the most stable and strongest system.

Why are dental bridges necessary?

A missing tooth not only ruins the aesthetics of your smile but also causes other problems. A gap in teeth can cause other teeth to rotate or shift. They cause improper alignment of the bite and may give rise to gum diseases and even temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. That is why it is necessary to treat the missing teeth proactively. A dental bridge aesthetically blends with your natural teeth and restores the looks and function of the missing teeth.

Who is a candidate for dental bridges?

  • If you have one or more missing teeth
  • If you have bite problems
  • If you feel pain from the extra stress on your teeth and jaw
  • If you are self-conscious about your smile

What is the procedure for the placement of dental bridges in Mumbai?

Here is the step by step procedure followed for the placement of dental bridges in Mumbai at our clinic:

  • Step 1- Abutment teeth impression: The dentist reshapes the abutment teeth in the first step, removing part of the enamel and dentin to create room for the crown. The process involves injecting anesthesia to numb the area around teeth so that no pain is caused.
  • Step 2- Impressions: Impression or digital scans of the entire teeth are taken to understand the chewing and biting of the teeth based on which bridge and false teeth are prepared. Meanwhile, the patient uses a temporary bridge.
  • Step 3-Permanent bridge placement: In the final visit, the dentist removes the temporary bridges and places the permanent bridge, and makes the required adjustment to ensure its comfortable fit in the mouth.

What are the benefits of dental bridges?

How do you care for the dental bridges?

With proper care, dental bridges can last at least five to seven years. Here are the tips for maintaining your dental bridges –

  • Brush your teeth : Maintaining good oral hygiene is very important for the long life of dental bridges. Brush and floss your teeth regularly. Use fluoride toothpaste and antiseptic mouth rinse.
  • Eat a balanced diet :  Eating fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber. Avoid excess intake of sugar, and don’t eat hard and sticky foods such as caramel, nuts, popcorn kernels, candy, etc.
  • Avoid smoking : Tobacco products and smoking tend to reduce the life of dental bridges.
  • Attend routine checkups : Schedule regular visits with your dentist and get regular professional clean-ups.

What is the dental bridge cost in Mumbai?

The dental bridge cost in Mumbai varies from individual to individual depending on the following factors:

  • Number of teeth needed to fill the gap
  • Type of bridge used. Implant-supported bridges are the most expensive, followed by Maryland bridges. Traditional bridges are less expensive compared to them.
  • The complexity of the case or the difficulty level of treatment
  • Materials of the bridge used, such as composite resin, zirconia, and metal alloy covered in resin.
  • Additional treatment for other issues such as gum disease
  • Dentist fee and the clinic location

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