Dental implant

 Dental Implants are the most recent modality for long-term replacement of missing teeth.  Not only does it restore your look but it also ensures that you can chew your food more efficiently. 

Here, we cover the signs and indicators of why you need a dental implant. Just a quick read through the following article will help you reach a proper judgment for your dental implant journey.

When do you need dental implants?

1. Missing teeth

Dental implants are a blessing to those who want to smile confidently despite suffering from loss of teeth. 

No matter how many teeth you are missing, implants have got you covered. Not only do dental implants last long, but they also look like natural teeth. 

The implant screws are placed deep into the jaw bone, and the porcelain teeth are placed on top of it to fill up the gap. Your dentist will ensure that the gap created due to missing teeth is filled giving it a natural appearance 

2. Loose dentures and partial dentures

Loose dentures are a common occurrence for most people. In case of loose dentures and partial dentures,  implant-supported prosthesis  is the right solution to keep the teeth in place.

Loose dentures are irritating to deal with, and you might get the feeling that they will fall out while talking. Dental implants ensure that the denture stays in place, helping you overcome that uneasy feeling.

3. Loose dental bridges

A loose dental bridge can pose numerous problems. Similar to dentures, a loose bridge gets in the way of eating and talking. Proper dental implants will reinforce the bridge foundation and hold it in place so you can enjoy your conversation in peace.

4. To prevent bone loss that causes sunken face appearance

Use of Dentures over extended periods are the reason for a person to have a sunken face appearance.The jawbone of a person with dentures does not get much stimulation. As a result, it starts to decay with age. The sunken face appearance can be easily fixed with dental implants.

An implant screw adheres directly to the jaw bone, as a result, tissues and nerves around the area are stimulated maintaining the bone levels in the area 

5. Chewing difficulty

Insecurity about smiling is one thing but not being able to chew is another. Every tooth has a function, and missing one of them can restrict your food selection and ultimately, nutrition intake.

Dental implants will restore your teeth’s functionality which in turn will help you enjoy all kinds of food and eat healthy.

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