Importance of oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is important in ensuring overall health and well-being. Studies have proven that untreated oral diseases significantly raise the risk of adverse health conditions. Hence, maintaining oral hygiene is important in improving your oral and overall health. It is also important for you to visit the dentist regularly to ensure any underlying conditions get diagnosed at their early stages.

Influences Overall Health

Your mouth is the door to internal body parts. Therefore, the mouth also serves as an entry point for detecting early symptoms of systemic diseases. For example, systemic diseases such as diabetes often become apparent through oral lesions or other dental problems such as gum infections. Visiting a dentist every 6 months or so can help maintain oral health.

Helps in Earlier Detection

A major component of proper oral hygiene is visiting a dentist twice a year. Your doctor can regularly examine and evaluate your dental conditions with your dental visits. Dental examinations and proper cleaning can help detect any oral conditions or health complications caused by oral diseases.

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Helps dentists create a Treatment Plan

Every patient has different dental conditions and mouth structures. Any developing dental condition can be detected during dental visits. Dental evaluations can help create a unique dental plan for serving patients’ needs.

Whether you feel conscious or suffer from severe tooth decay, we will work with you to create an oral care plan.

To Have A Whiter and Brighter Smile

Do you have the confidence to flash your pearly whites?

You must practice good oral hygiene for a shiny and healthy smile every day. In addition, keeping teeth plaque-free helps you smile with confidence. That’s why it is important to visit your dentist periodically. 

Here are a few of our tips to ensure good oral hygiene:

  • Avoid tobacco products.
  • Eat healthy foods and avoid sugary snacks.
  • Rinse your mouth after meals or chew gum, preferably sugarless.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day.
  • Use a mouthguard while playing contact sports.

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