Orthodontic treatment in mumbai

Braces Orthodontic treatment 1

Braces is a widely used, common term for fixed orthodontic appliances placed on the teeth to correct crooked /mal-aligned teeth. However, Orthodontic appliances are of various and types can be used to correct

– protruding/ crooked teeth

– jaw bone growth modification

  • In conjunction with orthognatic/ jaw surgery
  • Establish oro-facial muscle harmony.
  • Snoring / sleep Apnea

When should one consider braces?

Braces can be a great treatment modality for patients who have any of the following conditions :

  • Crooked /protruding teeth
  • Protruding upper jaw
  • Recessive or deficient chin
  • Convex or concave face
  • Incompetent lips /failure to close your mouth

What is an ideal age to visit an Orthodontist in Mumbai ?

 The first Orthodontist visit should be planned as early as 6 yrs when the first permanent teeth begin to erupt in the mouth.  

Some of the benefits of starting early are –

  • Prevention of jaw or teeth mal-alignment
  • Early intervention in case of any mal-alignment of teeth /jaws and hence reduce the severity of the problem at hand.
  • Diagnosis of any oral habits that can be detrimental to jaw growth or teeth positioning

When should one start braces treatment?

Orthodontic treatment can begin as early as 7 years in certain cases. However, fixed braces are usually started  at around 11 to 13 yrs of age once all your milk teeth have been replaced by permanent teeth in the mouth. With advancement in science and technology, braces can be done at any age with predictable and stable outcomes even in adults. Adult Orthodontics has gained significant popularity after the introduction of clear aligners.  Contact our orthodontist in mumbai to know your best treatment options. 

Various types of Orthodontic appliances

Orthodontic appliances can be broadly classified as removable or fixed

Removable Appliances

Appliances that can be easily removed by the patient while eating or brushing. For instance

  • Habit breaking appliances
  • Growth modification appliances
  • Retainers

Twin Block

Damon clear SL

Clear vs Metal self ligating braces

Myofunctional appliance

Myofunctional appliance

Fixed appliances

Appliances that are bonded onto the teeth surfaces until the treatment is completed. For instance

Self ligating braces

Self ligating metal braces

Ceramic braces 1

Ceramic Braces

Lingual braces 1

Lingual Braces

Metal braces 1

Metal braces